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Are your critical equipment assets at risk from poor lubrication? If you’re like many out there, you may not know for sure. And that unknown can cause a lot of worry. But that’s why we’re here. Because when you’ve been around lubrication for nearly a century like we have, you learn a few things along the way. So we’d like to share some of our knowledge and insights … to give you a little more confidence.

Piece of Mind

Lubrication Wisdom. Uptime Confidence.

Welcome to Piece of Mind, our new knowledge series illuminating lubrication management steps you can start taking today to help protect your critical assets. We invite you to explore the full series below, and maybe stress a little less about equipment reliability. And watch this space for more helpful resources yet to come.

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When you consider everything that’s on the line, it makes sense to learn as much as you can about getting lubrication right. Our free resources will help to get you started and our Trico representatives are available to assist you further or answer questions. Be sure to check back often for new resources, knowledge and insight that will give you more confidence in your lubrication management program.

What’s Lurking in Your Lubrication Program? Hidden Threats – Part 1 in Our Lubrication Piece of Mind Series 

It pays to stay on guard against contaminants that can quickly compromise your critical equipment. Threats loom in places – and ways – you might not expect. Starting at the machine, and expanding across the entire journey of lubricant in your facility. Let’s take a look around.

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Vexed? Perplexed? Here’s What to Do Next. Getting Started – Part 2 in Our Lubrication Piece of Mind Series

There’s so much to know about establishing a lubrication management program; so little time to learn it all. To help you get started, here’s a checklist of critical questions in seven key areas of lubrication management. You’ll gain a firm grasp of the challenges – and exactly what you need to do to succeed.

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Ease Your Efficiency Pressures. Efficiency Tips – Lubrication Piece of Mind Series – Part 3

Everybody’s always talking about doing more with less. Is it really possible, when so many of us are busy handling day-to-day issues? Actually, there are many positive steps you can take to rapidly improve the maintenance program in your facility. By applying the lean 5S mindset to lubrication management, you can uncover practical actions to help relieve your efficiency pressures.

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See Something? Smell Something? Do Something! Staying Alert – Part 4 in Our Lubrication Piece of Mind Series

No matter how much you do to protect your machines and maintain reliability, problems will still arise. The good news is that it’s relatively simple to help your people be prepared. Here’s a quick primer on using the senses to spot and fix lubrication issues before your operation is doomed to downtime.

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Haphazard Lubricant Storage Can Cause Havoc For Your Equipment. Here’s What To Do About It – Part 5 in Our Lubrication Piece of Mind Series

Lubricant storage can have a significant impact on your value-producing equipment and overall productivity. And it’s not hard to make improvements that decrease contamination and degradation while improving safety. Here are some easy, practical and economical steps you can take in your facility right away.

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How to See and Solve Reliability Problems with Oil Analysis – Part 6 in Our Lubrication Piece of Mind Series

Oil analysis can bring you the answers you need to make decisions that keep your machines running. Experience oil enlightenment by gaining direct action steps from the diverse types of tests to prevent critical asset failure.

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Caution: Your Oil Samples May Not Be Telling You The Full Story – Part 7 in Our Lubrication Piece of Mind Series

If your people don’t collect the right samples, at the right time, your samples will yield inaccurate insights into equipment reliability. Share these simple tips for effective sampling with your team.

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Oil filtration is a balancing act. Get it right in these four steps. – Part 8 in Our Lubrication Piece of Mind Series

82% of Mechanical Wear Is Caused by Particulate Contamination. That’s just one reason it pays to take the right oil filtration approach for your equipment.

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Your competitors are becoming more data driven. What about you? – Part 9 in Our Lubrication Piece of Mind Series

Companies that are managing maintenance proactively are getting ahead. Those that aren’t – those that are stuck in a loop of daily oil level checks, top-offs, etc. – are falling behind.

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